Fund Benefits

Permanent Disability


A member will be classified as totally and permanently disabled  in terms of  the rules of the Fund, if trustees receive notification from the member’s Employer and satisfactory medical evidence that the member has become totally and permanently incapable of of engaging in the member’s own normal occupation or in any other occupation for which, in the trustees’ opinion, the member could be reasonably considered capable of engaging by virtue of the member’s training and general experience for remuneration or profit.

Notification and submission

  • Claims are deemed payable when the Trustees and/or the Administrators are notified in writing no later than 6 (six) months after the last day on which the member in question was at work attending  to all the member’s normal duties.
  • The relevant documents required by trustees’ and/or the Administrator are to be submitted  to the trustees’ and/or Administrator within twelve (12) months after the day on which the member in question was at work attending to all their normal duties.
  • Trustees’ have the right to call for medical evidence to their satisfaction, including certificates at the Fund’s expense from a medical practitioner appointed by the Trustees.

Who is Covered?

All active members of the Fund are covered for this benefit provided contribuitions are paid on time and are up to date. Part of the money your employer contribuites every month pays for this benefit.


PSSPF Disability Benefit Flyer

Submission of claims

 Claims will be paid within 24 hours’ subject to the following:

  • Completed funeral claim form
  • Certified Copy of Death Certificate
  • Certified Copy of Deceased’s ID Document
  • Certified Copy of the Beneficiaries ID Document
  • Copy of Notice of Death/Still Birth (BI 1663)
  • Proof of Banking Details of the Beneficiary (Bank Statement, stamped by the bank)
  • Proof of relationship to member either an affidavit or certified copy of marriage certificate
  • Supporting Affidavit from a family member confirming the relationship between the beneficiary and the deceased (if applicable).
  • ID Copy of the abovementioned family member.

Claim forms must be submitted at African Unity as follow:


Fax: 080 011 0885

PSSPF Assist (0861 638 222)