Fund Benefits

Accidental Death Benefit


On submission of the required claim form, documentation and on qualification, an accidental death benefit of R120 000 will be payable based on the following scale:

Main member traveling on public transport R120 000.00

Notification and submission

Claims can also be submitted at Private Security Sector Provident Fund offices.

These benefits will be in effect from 01 April 2020.

Who is Covered?

Main member traveling on public transport.

Submission of claims

 Claims will be paid within 24 hours’ subject to the following:

  • Completed funeral claim form
  • Certified Copy of Death Certificate
  • Certified Copy of Deceased’s ID Document
  • Certified Copy of the Beneficiaries ID Document
  • Copy of Notice of Death/Still Birth (BI 1663)
  • Proof of Banking Details of the Beneficiary (Bank Statement, stamped by the bank)
  • Proof of relationship to member either an affidavit or certified copy of marriage certificate
  • Supporting Affidavit from a family member confirming the relationship between the beneficiary and the deceased (if applicable).
  • ID Copy of the abovementioned family member.

Claim forms must be submitted at African Unity as follow:


Fax: 080 011 0885

PSSPF Assist (0861 638 222)