New Employer Registration

In order for us to proceed in registering your company and for a smooth on-boarding process, we require the following documentation.

  1. Commencement of New Employer Form; please ensure that the date is the first day of the month;
  2. Resolution which must be printed on the company letterhead;
  3. Electronic contribution schedule in excel format reflecting all the members who will be participating in the Fund;
  4. Certified copies of the identity document/passport of all parties listed in the table of business entities;
  5. Authorised Signatories Forms;
  6. PSIRA Certificate of the company; and
  7. PSIRA certificate of the director(s)

Kindly be advised that in order to be successful in your companies on boarding process, all the above documentation must be provided.

The above documentation is required to be submitted, within 1 week of receipt of this mail. Should you not be able to comply with the 1 week turnaround time, please do not hesitate to contact our offices.

See below documents for you download and completion and send to 

New Employer Commencement Form

Template Contribution Schedule