The funeral benefit is to help pay the funeral costs when a member dies. The funeral benefit is also payable for the death of a spouse, life partner or eligible child of a member.

In constantly improving the quality of life and benefits to members, the Private Security Sector Provident Fund Board of Trustees’ embarked on a market testing which resulted in a change of the funeral administrator to African Unity which offered better benefits at a reasonable cost. The appointment of African Unity is effective as from the 01 December 2018 with the following benefits:

Type of Member Covered Funeral Benefit

Main Member                                             R30 000
Spouse (4)                                             R30 000
Child 14 to 21 (up to 29 if studying full-time)                                             R30 000
Child 6 to 13                                              R19 000
Child 1 to 5                                              R14 000
Child 0 to 11 months (Including Stillborn)                                              R7 500


Additional Benefits:

• Repatriation of mortal remains – for family

• unlimited day storage of mortal remains of the main member

• A tombstone benefit (Not transferable to cash)

• Multiple Spouses Covered, limited to 4 claims per annum

  • unlimited children under 21 years old

• Trauma, Assault and HIV Counselling – main member and family

• Legal Assistance Benefit

  • Accidental Disability Benefit – for main member up to maximum of R 120,000
  • Dsimissal Cover
  • 24 hour Call Centre


  • Funeral Packages
  • Emergency Evacuation- main member
  • Free Financial Education
  • Travel Platform

Funeral Plan

AU Brochure